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Mad Max: Fury Road (OF)

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FSK: ab 16
FBW: keine
Produktionsjahr: 2015
Produktionsland: AU/US
Somewhere in the Australian desert, after the collapse of civilization, loner Max has a very bad day: first he is captured by the warboys of local tyrant Immortan Joe, then chained to the front of a car as a living blood bag for the warboy behind the steering wheel who is especially keen on dying a hero's death and going to Valhalla … Furiosa, one of Immortan Joe's commanding officers, has betrayed her master and abducted his harem. Joe, with his huge fleet of vehicles, immediately takes up the chase. And Max, once he gets rid of his chains, will have to take sides in this battle.


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20:00 Aula OF H15 Prickly Heat – Five Easy Pizzas (6 min.)
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