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The Wolf of Wall Street (OF)

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FSK: ab 16
FBW: besonders wertvoll
Produktionsjahr: 2013
Produktionsland: US
From rags to riches — that is Jordan Belfort's dream when starting his career as a broker at Wall Street in New York in the early 90s. But soon he learns that it's a hard business and he decides to found his own company Stratton Oakmont. His dream comes true and soon everybody on Wall Street knows his name. His life becomes all about alcohol, drugs, sex — and money. Soon Jordan and his friend Donnie find themselves on top of the game, illegal deals make them rich. Soon the FBI is watching Jordan. But the Wolf of Wall Street is not an easy catch.


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20:00 Aula OF SS14 Thanks, Smokey! (3 min.)
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