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Shoot 'Em Up (OF)

Darsteller: , , , ,
FSK: ab 18
FBW: wertvoll
Produktionsjahr: 2007
Produktionsland: US
Filmformat: CS
Lone wolf Mr. Smith takes action when a heavily pregnant woman is about to be hunted down before his eyes: He delivers the baby during a firefight but the mother dies in his arms before she can reveal anything about the child's identity. Smith takes care of the baby without knowing the trouble he is heading for. Together with prostitute DQ he protects the baby against gangster boss Hertz and his army of headhunters who want to kill the child at any price.


Datum: Uhrzeit: Ort: Programm: Kurzfilm:
20:00 Aula OF SS14 What's Next? (4 min.)
19:45 Aula F08 Russian Choir (3 min.)
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